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ALPA Workshop 2021

The 3rd edition of the workshop on applications of laser-driven particle accelerators is held online this week.


The 2021 edition of the workshop on Applications of Laser-driven Particle Acceleration (ALPA) is held online on April 21. Chaired by Prof. Paul Bolton (LMU), the event is hosted at the SPIE digital forum which replaces this year's conference in Prague. The workshop features talks on applications for dielectric laser acceleration (DLA) and for laser-plasma-driven energetic secondary sources. Notably, it includes further development of neutron sources and their application as well as positron sources for the first time. This is done while maintaining in the mix a healthy radiation biology/potential medical component featuring FLASH irradiation studies for laser-plasma-driven protons and, for electrons, impressive progress toward VHEE RT.

Among the many distinguished speakers, CALA-PULSE researcher Dr. Andreas Döpp has been invited to contribute a talk on Recent results and developments on laser-plasma X-ray sources at CALA and Dr. Matthias Würl will talk about the Feasibility of Quantitative Laser-Driven Proton Radiography. While in-person discussions are impossible due to the Covid-19 pandemic, scientists will talk about the possible impact of laser-driven accelerators in two live panel discussions.

The ALPA Workshop is an essential member of an LMU-organized workshop trilogy that has been a decade in its making (ALPA, TARG and BLIN). For more information visit alpa.physik.lmu.de.