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PULSE is part of CALA, the Centre for Advanced Laser Applications, and represents the activities of LMU groups working on petawatt physics. The groups of Prof. Karsch, Prof. Schreiber and Prof. Thirolf develop, operate and use one of the most powerful lasers worldwide, the ATLAS-3000 multi-petawatt laser, offering a unique research infrastructure to study laser-matter interaction and its applications. In comparison with all other multi-PW lasers in the field, at 1 shot/second it offers an at least tenfold higher repetition rate than other systems, which allows it to achieve results with better statistics in a shorter period of time. The long-term goal of this research is not only to provide a laboratory-scale complement to free-electron lasers and heavy-ion radiation therapy centers, but also to realize entirely new applications such as the recently demonstrated generation of multiple radiation sources at once, e.g. for simultaneous irradiation and imaging.